Give Yourself a Self-Talk Detox!

Imagine Going Through an Entire Day Without Having a Single Negative Thought About Your Body…

“My thighs are fat”… “The bags under my eyes are way too dark”… “My arms shouldn’t be that jiggly”…

“Omg, that last meal went straight to my *ss”…

These are all things that I used to say to myself when I looked in the mirror, among many other self-deprecating, body-shaming thoughts. I did this for over 15 years until I learned there was another way to be with my body.

If I had been able to flick a “switch” each time that I started to think like this – a switch that could instantly turn off my body shame and turn on a mindset of body love – I would have saved myself years of struggle.

Woman not liking her image in mirror

That’s why I’ve created this Self-Talk Detox guided body-love meditation: to be the “switch” for others who struggle with negative self-talk and body shame.

I came out on the other side of my body image struggles by learning to flush out these negative thoughts regularly, to cleanse them consistently from my system so that they now rarely, if ever, recur.

The result has been positive mindset shift that has allowed me to attract what I want in life – including a healthy, vibrant body – with ease, and without ever having to deprive or “punish” myself.

If you struggle with these types of negative thoughts when you look in the mirror, here’s what a Self-Talk Detox can give you:

  • Relief from anxiety around food, weight and body image
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved connection with your body’s natural signals and cues
  • Positive shifts in supportive habits and food choices (that lead to permanent results!)
  • A genuine appreciation for ALL parts of your body!

Permanent behaviour and habit changes that help to build a healthy, vibrant body come from a place of nourishment, not punishment.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Women embracing body love

That’s why having a tool, like the Self-Talk Detox 24-minute guided meditation, can be an essential part of your Body Love journey. When you have this in your toolbelt, you can cleanse out negative self-talk just as quickly as it creeps in.

How it works:

  • When negative self-talk begins, simply find yourself a quiet space as soon as you can, and press play! (or use it as an intentional, preventative program in the morning for several days)
  • 24 minutes later, you will be left feeling uplifted, relaxed, inspired, grateful and cleansed of negativity


Get immediate access for only $17 and you’ll also receive a BONUS 30-Day Body Love Journal!

Accelerate your results and take your self-love and self-care to a whole new level by spending 5 minutes a day answering the questions in this bonus journal (either independent from, or after listening to, the audio). You’ll be amazed at how your mindset can transform in 30 days!

Here’s what some people have said about this program:

Cassandra“This program has been a wonderful experience for me! I’ve dipped into meditation here and there before, but nothing could really stick with me. This meditation program has finally helped me to connect a little more with myself, my body and has also helped me to relax my mind when I start to feel anxiety taking over. I loved the follow up forms after each session to help me outline my day and what my focus needed to be moving forward.

I walked away from each session feeling more confident and in control of my anxieties and insecurities that would arise over the course of the day, in tune with my body and what areas I was feeling stiff, sore, tender or just “off” in general, and a lot more connected with myself overall. I LOVED listening to the meditation each morning and began to look forward to it.

I’m very excited to implement this program into my regular routine and see the long term impact it will have on my mental health! After only a few days of committing to it, I was quickly feeling much more focused and in control. Thank you again for this this beautiful program!”

– Cassandra R.

Jaclyn“It was very different from any other meditation I’ve done before. From my experience I almost always fall back asleep when I listen to my usual meditations in the mornings because they are so relaxing which isn’t so good when I have a whole day ahead of me. I really enjoyed listening to Kimberley’s audio because it actually made me listen and it started off my days feeling really positive and able to take on the day!”

– Jaclyn C.

Amanda“I am new to meditation so I love having an easy to follow guided meditation that I can do from home. The method was super approachable and easy for me to use, so I loved that! I also loved that it was a Body Love focused meditation, which I had never seen before (at least from my limited experience)! I loved that it made me appreciate parts of my body that I never paid attention to and parts of my body that I don’t normally love. I love that Kimberly was able to hold a loving space that made me appreciate my body!”

– Amanda H.


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