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What is Body Love Coaching?

In a nutshell, it’s a direct path to feeling confident – not only in your body, but in WHO you are.

Body Love coaching helps you peel back the surface layers of food and body image struggles, to reveal the real authentic you; and support you in creating a lifestyle that’s completely aligned with real you.


If food and body image were no longer distractions for you, what would be possible in your life?

If you could return to enjoying the pleasure of eating, get back in tune with your body, and feel sexy and confident in every day life, what would be different?

If you were no longer stuck in a vicious diet cycle, or distracted trying to figure out your food or body weight “situation,” what would you be doing, creating, or investing your time and energy into?

So many people try to do it alone, and wind up frustrated and exhausted from information-overload and constantly trying new (often conflicting) solutions. Then they end up stuck; never moving forward the way they envisioned for themselves.

Can you relate?

Though it’s definitely not a pattern to be ashamed of (we’ve all been there), the cause can often be linked back to this truth: it’s damn hard to go it alone!

We humans are creatures who appreciate and NEED guidance, support, connection and accountability – especially when we’re trying to change our behaviours and habits for good.

Body Love Coaching offers all of that, and more.

Removing the Obstacles

You know – even if deep down – that you’re destined for bigger things in life. You have dreams. Goals. Visions. Passions.

But have you noticed how many distractions surround you every single day that pull your focus away from them?

Mainstream media and social media are a couple of the most noteworthy ones, which, unfortunately, can create internal obstacles that keep you from moving forward in the direction of your dreams. These obstacles generally come in the form of:

  • toxic negative self-talk and self-doubt,
  • paralyzing perfectionism (ie. if you can’t do it perfectly, you don’t do it at all), and
  • energy-sucking guilt and shame from not measuring up to standards about what you “should” be, do, or look like.

For most people, the reason that their results with health (diet, fitness) programs are often short-lived, if achieved at all – and that their dreams subsequently haven’t materialized – is that the obstacles haven’t been removed.

And it’s extremely difficult to remove them alone.

To remove the obstacles for good, you need someone who’s 100% in your corner

When seeking support for removing the obstacles for good, you want someone:

  • who believes in you,
  • who will challenge you to discover and shine your gifts,
  • who will help you see your real beauty and worth,
  • who will hold you accountable to taking steps toward your true desires,
  • with whom you can be vulnerable and confide in when you’re feeling shame and guilt, and
  • who will never judge you.

And when it comes to Body Love, you also want to someone who can educate, motivate and empower you to make and maintain the health-supportive changes you want to make, permanently.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, and if you’re ready to move on from a pattern of “just getting by” to finally going after what you truly want out of life, then follow the steps below to schedule your free 30-minute discovery session to see if Body Love Coaching is the right fit for you.

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  2. Watch your email for a message from me, including a link to book your preferred session time, as well as a list of questions to answer before our call.
  3. At our scheduled session time, I will call you at the number you’ve provided, and we’ll run through a session to see if we’re a great fit before you commit.
  4. If you decide it’s the right fit for you, we’ll arrange a coaching plan to suit your needs, and book your initial Goals Clarification (90-min) session to get you started.

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