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When you think about your body, does it make you happy?

Unfortunately for 91% of women, the answer to that question is a big FAT NO (pun intended). Most of us go through life thinking that once we HAVE the body we want, we’ll then DO the things we know to do to take care of it, and then we’ll finally BE happy – with our bodies and our lives.

What if I told you that most of us have it all backwards? That the ONLY way to truly have – and maintain – a body that you love is to first BE happy with yourself, inside and out.

When this happens – when you develop true self-acceptance, a miraculous ripple effect occurs: you will automatically DO the most supportive things for your health and energy, and then you will HAVE the body you want. It will literally transform right before your eyes:

It becomes a beautifully unique vessel that you honour, respect and absolutely LOVE for its perfect imperfections—not despite them; and this feeling lasts for as long as your body does.


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What is Body Love Coaching? In a nutshell, it’s simply Health Coaching, with a twist!

In my years as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Professional Health Coach, I’ve noticed a common theme amongst the women I’ve coached: they are ultimately unhappy with their bodies; and they’re looking for outside solutions to an inside problem. This is a theme that dominated my own life for years, so I’m very familiar with it.

I used to think that losing weight or fixing my “imperfections” would allow me to feel more confident in my own skin. But what I realized through my own experience is that my confidence and self-esteem had to come first; and that a true commitment to continually improving my health and energy – and finally seeing the results I was looking for – only came from having that foundation first. It’s this realization that has driven me to help more women to experience true Body Love now, no matter what size or shape they’re in – and then to guide them through the process of achieving their physical, emotional and spiritual health goals.


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Flush out negative self-talk and body shame as quickly as it creeps in!

If you struggle (like I once did) when you look in the mirror, it may be time for a Self-Talk Detox: an audio program to give you relief from anxiety around food, weight and body image; increase your confidence; improve your connection with your body’s natural signals and cues; create positive shifts in supportive habits and food choices (that lead to permanent results); and give you a genuine appreciation for ALL parts of your body!


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