Your ‘Forever Body’: Freedom from the Scale & Diets for Good

November 15, 2016


Why a ‘Forever Body’ beats a ‘bikini’ or ‘beach’ body, any day

Do you feel like when you’re not following a diet’s guidelines, or at least “watching what you eat”, that you’re doing something wrong?

That was the way I used to feel – and I know that I wasn’t alone because statistics show that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and turn to dieting as a means to “fix” them.

And unfortunately, most diets are designed to set us up for failure – just look at the stats: 95% of dieters regain their weight, and then some, within 5 years.

This not only takes a huge toll on our bank accounts over time (dieting is a 55-billion-dollar industry) – but even worse, on our self-esteem, our happiness and ultimately our ability to realize our full potential because there’s always an underlying unfulfilled goal.

Speaking entirely from experience here…

Thankfully, over the years, I was able to shift my diet-mentality to what I like to call a ‘Forever Body’ mindset; and the impact this has had on other areas of my life – not just my body image and physical health – has been incredible.

So I decided to write a book about it, sharing how I overcame my obsession with the scale and dieting, and how you can too (if you can at all relate to the opening question), to live a life free from dieting for good – while at the same time, enjoying the process of achieving your healthiest body yet. Because it’s also not about “giving up” on your body!

It’s entitled:

Finding Your Forever Body: A 10-Step Guide to Breaking the Diet Cycle for Good

(releasing May 30, 2017)

And it’s based on this vision (as well as a loooong personal history of struggle):

What’s a ‘Forever Body’?

Here’s my definition (a direct excerpt from my book):

My Forever Body is what I’ve affectionately come to call my body after overcoming years of food and body image struggles: it’s the body I’ll willingly put a bikini on any time of year, no matter what. This is what I want for you too.

A Forever Body is not a bikini or beach body, or a wedding body, or a New Year’s resolution body, but rather a body that you can be proud to nurture and nourish for life.

It’s a body that consistently improves over time in health, function, and appearance as you add each new positive, health-supportive habit to your life.

It’s a body that may be ten, twenty, or more pounds away from your “ideal weight” but that speaks to you intuitively about what size and weight is the most supportive for your optimally functioning body and mind, at that time.

It’s a body that’s easy to maintain because it feels good to do things that support it—and when you’re not doing them, it feels very uncomfortable, even painful.

It’s a body that makes you still feel healthy and energetic 10, 20, 40, 60 years from now, no matter what’s going on in your life—not one that gets “punished” with each new season, diet, job, relationship, or any life stress.

It’s a body that, when in balance, will reward you with energy, vitality, and an “inner glow” you will be proud to shine, no matter your size. (When it’s out of balance, you will feel like crap and be constantly searching for how to feel better. You may even indulge in temporary “pleasure fixes,” which all leave you feeling worse after overindulging.)

The most important thing to know, trust, and deeply believe is that your Forever Body is yours. You get to set the standards and determine the path that’s right for you. Therefore, I’m not going to tell you what and how much to eat. That is up to you to discover.

Sound like too much work? Trust me, it’s not—once you master how to really listen to your body, it’s very simple, and I’m going to show you how to develop the crucial skills you need to do this. And to have fun with it!

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Remember: When you shine your gifts, you define your beauty.