How Your “Blissful Place” Can Help Build Body Love

May 24, 2016

This week’s Body Love Tip is from my wise 6-year-old daughter, Eve:

Go walking on the beach.

(or, your equivalent “blissful place”)


Eve’s been listening to my messages regularly and has recorded a couple of my Body Love Tip videos with me in the past – and she’s quickly picked up (as children usually do) on the overall theme: I talk about things that can make us FEEL good.

A few weeks ago, she took it upon herself to write out her own Body Love Tip, and this past weekend we decided to record a video together about it – because when I considered the wisdom behind it, I thought we could all use a reminder of the underlying message. Here’s what she wrote:

Eve's body love tip

“I love living on the beach because it is beautiful. So my Body Love Tip today is Living on the Beach.

It’s so beautiful on the beach. Go walking on the beach.

My name is Eve.”


There are a few nuggets of wisdom that we can extract from her message – whether or not you actually live on a beach:

1) spend time in nature (only good things can come from getting outside!)

2) appreciate the beauty around you, wherever that may be (no matter how bad things may feel some days, there is always something to be grateful for – you just have to look for it!)

3) ensure that your environment supports and inspires you (i.e. it makes you feel good).

It’s this last point that I want to elaborate more on for this week’s message.

In order to feel good about our bodies, we first need to feel good about WHO we are, which means we need to get to really know ourselves; and one of the best places to start is to become aware of where we feel most inspired, uplifted and at peace.

Where’s YOUR blissful place?

For me (and I’m guessing this is the case for Eve too), I’ve always felt best when I’ve been near water, especially the ocean. I grew up in a suburban area in Ontario, nowhere near any coast, but would spend my summers visiting family in the Greater Vancouver Area, and quickly fell in love with the smell of seaweed, fish, and ocean breeze whenever we were near the water. Some may not agree that it’s a comforting, refreshing combination of smells, but each time throughout my life that I vacationed near the ocean, there was an undeniable improvement in my moods, and overall sense of wellbeing.

Maybe for you, it’s not the ocean that gives you this feeling – maybe it’s the woods, or the mountains, or a bustling metropolitan area. Everyone’s unique, and I think that knowing where YOU feel at your best is a great first step in getting to know more about and honouring your unique self.

If where you spend most of your time doesn’t uplift and inspire you, this could be an indication that your environment isn’t aligned well with you (i.e. with your true spirit); and when we’re not living in alignment, it can be very draining on our energy, which affects our drive and desire to follow through on supportive behaviours and habits – despite our best intentions!

So it’s very important to work towards aligning all areas of our lives. Spending more time in our “blissful places” is a very effective way to start the process of alignment, and will most likely lead to other positive change.

Aligning your environment with your true spirit

I attribute a lot of my breakthroughs in my personal Body Love journey to this alignment process, which began with a move across the country to be closer to the ocean. Prior to my move, I’d become aware that every time I was near the ocean, I was relaxed and refreshed; I’d feel a measurable energetic shift. So for me, moving to have better access to this energy was clearly a beneficial step.

Aligning doesn’t always have to involve a physical move though; sometimes it can happen with a simple commitment to spending more time in your blissful place. The important thing is to identify where you feel at your best and make a plan to reap the benefits of being there as often as you can.

Set the intention and the Universe will help

Though I haven’t always had the benefit of living right on the water (oceanfront living – as seen in the above pic – has only been our reality for a little over 2 years now), I spent many, many years beforehand visiting, vacationing, dreaming and visualizing the ocean. This helped me in numerous ways, but one of the less obvious ways was how it contributed to the manifestation of my current living situation.

The Universe can’t help but provide – where we put our focus must eventually materialize (’tis the Law of Attraction after all). So when you start to spend more time thinking about and being in your blissful place, more opportunities for bliss will inevitably present themselves; and with bliss, comes boundless energy – and a whole new appreciation for your life, and your body!

Life’s too short to spend in places that don’t give you joy – and who knows joy better than children? They see beauty where we adults tend to overlook or take for granted. So, this week, why not heed the advice of a wise 6-year old, and just go walking on the beach (or wherever YOU feel blissed out)!

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