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Staying Motivated

This is by far the #1 challenge that most of my clients have struggled with before coming to work with me.

Because let’s face it: maintaining regular, consistent action over the long-term – particularly toward health goals – isn’t easy!

It takes patience, discipline, persistence, and above all, a positive attitude. Which, for most of us, can be very difficult to cultivate day after day, especially if we’re not dialed in to resources that support us in doing so.

AND especially if we don’t receive proper guidance to take action in a way that’s sustainable.

Which is why I’ve created the Body Love Group Coaching Program: to give you access to on-going guidance, support, inspiration and motivation so you can sustainably reach your health and life goals, once and for all – while having fun and making great friends in the process!

An enjoyable path to sustainable results

Body Love Group Coaching membership gives you a unique support and accountability structure that guides you not only in taking action every single week with your nutrition and fitness goals, but that also helps you to navigate the other areas of your health and life which impact the state of your body.

It helps you prioritize and pace yourself in a sustainable way so that you achieve your desired results, permanently, without overwhelm or burnout – AND without losing motivation.

The supportive group environment also gives you an opportunity to connect with others who are working towards similar health goals, and who can relate to the breakthroughs and breakdowns (and everything in between!) you may experience along the way.

Member benefits

As a Body Love Group Coaching member, you’ll receive:

  • Three group coaching calls/month – dial in at the scheduled times to have the chance to be coached live on the call, or listen to the recording (while connecting live is best, you get immense value from listening to other members being coached, too.)
  • Your own membership site login, where you can access recordings of previous calls and track your personal progress.
  • Access to a private Facebook support group where you get to connect regularly with other members.
  • Live Q & A each month – 1st Friday of every month at 11am PST (with the occasional surprise expert guest!)
  • Limited time bonuses:
    • 10% discount on all other programs/packages for the duration of your membership (including 1-1 Body Love Coaching packages)
    • Receive a signed copy of my book Finding Your Forever Body mailed to you within your first membership month (currently for Canada and U.S. members only)

What makes this program unique:

1. You get more than weekly “numbers” tracking – unlike many programs which use the scale and tape measure to track your progress, you get tools to measure meaningful progress that affects all areas of your life (if you don’t yet know why this is important, you’ll definitely discover this through my book.) This makes your staying accountable substantially more meaningful, too.

2. You won’t turn your life upside-down following through on your weekly commitment – no drastic measures required (in fact, they are strongly discouraged), as we use a baby-step approach to get you sustainable results.

3. You get to choose your own pace – no getting burnt out or depleted while working toward your goals. You get to choose what fits your situation and lifestyle, right now and each week to follow (some weeks you may feel slower than others, and you get to honour wherever you are in your cycle) which supports consistent forward momentum.

4. You can join anytime – and cancel anytime (with 2 week’s notice). Stay in for as long as you need until you feel comfortable/confident going it alone! There’s no minimum or maximum time commitment.

IMPORTANT! Side effects of membership may include:

  • Noticeably increased energy
  • Improved relationships
  • Inspiration to take steps toward a big dream (one baby step at a time)
  • Confidence to set and achieve a fitness goal
  • Spiced-up intimacy in the bedroom
  • Stronger commitment to staying active each day
  • Tendency toward more mindful eating
  • Enhanced balance of discipline and pleasure in life
  • True body confidence
  • Feeling more energetically aligned – leading a life that feels authentically yours
  • Having more fun!

Try a free session before you commit

You’ll definitely want to experience one of these sessions live to see what makes them so unique and effective.

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